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NovaRose Astrology 


"Thriving, not striving...

Your deepest healing potential is within your reach"

Astrology was a passion of mine for so many years, and what started as a fun journey of exploration into my own birth chart turned into a realisation of the power of astrology to help us realise life purpose, heal our wounds and become so much happier and fulfilled.

Having been working as a Counsellor for several years, I decided to train as a Yoga Teacher too, so I could better help my clients combine healing of body and mind.

As my knowledge of astrology grew and grew, I began to teach my yoga classes to the astrological energy of the moment so that people could more easily connect in an embodied and emotionally present way in the class.  Then I started asking my clients if I could look at their natal charts and found that I could easily see their healing needs reflected within the 'blueprint of the soul' that is the moment of birth.

Having already combined my yoga and counselling into one integrated therapy, I realised that astrological counselling could guide us even deeper into someone's healing journey and, so, my professional career as an astrologer began. 💫


“I booked Rosie for a corporate session with my team of 18. She delivered a professional, warm and inspiring session that left everyone feeling cared for and personally acknowledged. It brought the team together and they have not stopped talking about it since. Rosie's session epitomises how astrological understanding and wellbeing shouldn't just be limited to home life and has its place in the working world too. Thank you, Rosie. Missive is a richer place having benefited from your wonderful experience, care and intuition.” 

Emma Ross

Co-Founder of Missive

(London based PR agency)

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