Your birth chart is the blue print of your soul, containing within it the seeds to reach your highest potential! This reading will first give you a broad overview of all of the information your chart contains about your personality, emotional needs, issues in relationships, life purpose, areas for healing and much more.

I will then focus this reading on the most useful areas for you and use your chart to show you the best (and most heartfelt) way for you to move forward with any areas of blockage in your life.

1 hour  /  £95

30 mins / £50



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1 hour  /   £95

This reading will focus on Chiron (our deepest wound) and the Moon (our emotional and nurturing needs) to help you understand how you can best support yourself emotionally to reach your deepest healing potential in life.

My training and experience as a counsellor means that you will more easily feel able to open up about areas of life and experiences that may be too painful, vulnerable or difficult to work with otherwise

Since us humans tends to find it harder to see the deeper, unconscious, processes in operation, we are sometimes unable to realise our needs clearly and can get stuck on our healing journey.  This reading can cut through any confusion and blocks, using your chart, and help light the way forward.

I can also offer ongoing emotional support with astrological counselling or yoga & talk therapy sessions too, if desired.

Mantras, affirmations and chakra healing techniques to support you going forward where needed.  


Solar & Lunar Eclipse Readings 

(New & Full Moon Readings)

1 hour  /   £95

Has your life gone off track? Have you been feeling a lack of purpose or feeling stuck and not knowing how to move forward? 

Solar and Lunar Eclipses give our soul a chance to realign ourselves with our current life purpose, as determined by our soul before coming into this lifetime. 

The energies of these incredibly potent periods of time when we receive our 'upgrades' can feel quite intense, but this time is a gift to help develop a deeper sense of connectedness and direction in life.

Using your chart alongside the Solar & Lunar Eclipse charts, I can help you develop powerful intentions for new beginnings, and work out what needs to be released and let go of to realign with your life purpose.

Whilst the Eclipse energies are most potent, we can also realign ourselves with current energies using each new and full moon, using a similar reading technique. So please contact me if you'd like a to receive a New / Full Moon reading as these occur every month for us to work with regularly. 

* Look out for my Eclipse & New and Full Moon Workshops too *

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