Astrology & Therapies

"Thriving not striving...

your deepest healing potential is within your reach" 


My intuitive astrological counselling sessions help people to understand and transform deeper aspects of themselves that they may have been stuck with for some time.  

With over ten years previous experience as a Counsellor I can use my knowledge of mind and emotions alongside astrology to help you heal.

£70 per hour

Intuitive Astrological Counselling

Yoga Therapy & Astrological Counselling 

Together we can use your birth chart alongside yoga and counselling techniques to help you move forward in life.

My experience working as Counsellor for over ten years and Yoga Teacher for over six means that I can draw on my knowledge and understanding of mind, body, energy and emotions to best support you in your healing journey.

Working with the body and energy systems is incredibly beneficial for people who've been through trauma as well as people who've found that talking alone isn't enough. This therapy gets our body involved in the healing process too.

£75 per hour