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"Thriving not striving...

your deepest healing potential is within your reach" 


'Easy to understand' 30 page Astrology E-book is the perfect guide to help you immediately get to grips with what astrology is and what a birth chart shows us.

This E-book explains all of the basic astrology concepts (and some of the more advanced ones too).


Astrology E-Book 

UPCOMING - Live ONLINE course:

Understanding Our Emotions & Deepest Healing Potential (Chiron & The Moon)


@2:30pm UK time

(Two hours - with break half way)

This course is designed to help us understand our basic emotional and nurturing needs, our deepest healing potential and the path to getting there.

Using our birth charts and we will first learn more about the astrology of own emotions and emotional wounds and then identify the parts of the chart that show us our healing path.

The moon helps us understand our nurturing experience and current emotional needs, while Chiron teaches us that our deepest wound in life is in fact our greatest healing potential.

This course will light the way to your own healing and end with a beautiful guided meditation to root our 'learning' within our embodied experience and  begin the healing journey.

ONLY £50

FREE Astrology E-Book included

Learning to Read & Understand Your Chart 

Downloadable Course

1 hr 45 mins

Perfect course for people who are new to astrology and want to learn to read their own charts and the charts of friends and family. 

This course explains all about the signs, houses and planets and how to begin to interpret a chart. 

When you've finished this course you'll be able to see 'read' someone's core personality from their chart, including understanding how they feel and cope with their emotions, ways they communicate and think, what they value and love as well as their general sexual nature.

You'll also be able to see what areas of life are likely to be more challenging and what areas might flow more easily.

Finally, you'll get a brief insight into understanding life purpose and identifying deepest wounds.

ONLY £40

FREE Astrology E-Book included