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Charlotte C

Rosie found me, at a very turbulent and poignant part of my life, where the season felt like death. I distinctly remember the phone call with her as I was striding up and down the garden chain smoking, wanting elements of life to go up in flames. Although I don’t necessarily speak the broad and beautiful language of Astrology, there was huge part of our communications that felt like mother tongue and meeting of minds.  What I already knew of myself, but was resistant to accept and receive was really just confirmed by Rosie, which helped me to carry on the road I was already travelling upon. I now know that although the unsettling embers of love and life will always remain, I know I can speak with Rosie for clarification, understanding and authentic support.

Gordon W

“Rosie’s reading was not only interesting and intuitive but it set me on a journey of growth that aided me on to the next chapter of life.  Rosie is excellent at reading the stars and uses her gentle nature to explain and express what they say about you and your purpose on this earth. This reading was a true turning point for me and I can’t thank her enough for the depth of understanding she has with our universe.” 

“I am so grateful to Rosie for rekindling my love of astrology. It's a complicated subject but she explained my chart patiently and in a way I can understand and resonate with. The workshops have been an insight too and have empowered me to delve in further myself. Thank you Rosie!” 

Anita B

“I booked Rosie for a corporate session with my team of 18. She delivered a professional, warm and inspiring session that left everyone feeling cared for and personally acknowledged. It brought the team together and they have not stopped talking about it since. Rosie's session epitomises how astrological understanding and wellbeing shouldn't just be limited to home life and has its place in the working world too. Thank you, Rosie. Missive is a richer place having benefited from your wonderful experience, care and intuition.” 

Emma Ross

Co-Founder of Missive  (London based PR agency)

“Rosie has a wealth of knowledge which she loves to share and educate.  My personal journey has been enriched by taking part in Rosie’s workshops and has given me insight into a fascinating subject.” 

Sam B

“A very enjoyable experience. The Meditation took me to a lovely place and feel emotionally lighter for it.” 

(The Full Moon Release Workshop)

Charlotte A

"I didn’t know what to expect from an astrology reading but Rosie’s clear explanation, sensitivity and enthusiasm put me at ease. It was unbelievably accurate and helped me to see the bigger picture and give a sense of clarity and self awareness reviving my interest in astrology."

Jen C

I attended Rosie's course on understanding my moon in my natal chart.  Rosie was very informative, very knowledgeable and so patient. The course felt like a breeze of fresh air. Thank you I am rejuvenated. 

Sonia M